Annette Tan

Gallery: Not your average trattoria

Not your average trattoria

Despite the diverse cuisines we have, Singaporeans seem to have an enduring love affair with Italian food that is evident in the scores of Italian trattorias, pizzerias and fine...

Gallery: Food review: Sum Yi Tai

Food review: Sum Yi Tai

Singapore — If diners find that Sum Yi Tai’s sumptuous decor evokes images of 1980s Hong Kong gangland, then its owners have succeeded in their quest to provide an atmospheric...

Gallery: Celebratory bakes

Celebratory bakes

Singapore — When one talks about Ramadan feasting, images of delicious curries and other traditional treats come to mind. However, some say this Ramadan is also the perfect...

Gallery: Food review: View to a grill

Food review: View to a grill

SINGAPORE — What was once Checkers Brasserie at the Hilton Singapore has been transformed into a posh wood-lined grill restaurant, with everything on the menu treated in some...

Gallery: Food review: Boca

Food review: Boca

SINGAPORE — If all you know about Portuguese food is that cheese-laden dish of baked rice, then Boca will surprise and delight in so many ways. Possibly Singapore’s only...