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Gallery: Food review: 9Goubuli

Food review: 9Goubuli

SINGAPORE — 9Goubuli is named after a famous Tianjin bun created by someone nicknamed Gouzi (“little dog” in Mandarin). The story goes that once his buns gained popularity,...

Gallery: Food review: Rabbit Stash

Food review: Rabbit Stash

SINGAPORE — Just when you thought new additions to the culinary lexicon couldn’t possibly get any more grandiloquent — who can forget colourful terms such as “bistronomy” and ...

Gallery: Food review: Lollapalooza

Food review: Lollapalooza

SINGAPORE — In many ways, Lollapalooza is a more grown-up version of its very popular sister restaurant Lolla. For starters, its dining room is more brightly lit, so patrons who...

Food review: Cornerhouse

Food review: Cornerhouse

SINGAPORE - Half a year ago, Chef Jason Tan’s Cornerhouse at the Botanic Gardens was a promising new upstart in the fine dining scene. These days, with the debut of his new...

Food review: LongPlay

Food review: LongPlay

SINGAPORE — Barflies in the know are already buzzing about LongPlay, the interminably hip new “vinyl-only” bar that straddles Haji Lane and Arab Street, opened by hospitality...