Gallery: Pince & Pints | 4/5

Pince & Pints | 4/5

SINGAPORE — In a city where new restaurants and cafes sprout at a rate of two to four a week, a venue that draws a real buzz in its first week of opening is rare indeed.

Gallery: A rare Ramadan feast

A rare Ramadan feast

As Muslims observe Ramadan this month, a number of restaurants have introduced special dishes from the Middle East as part of their Iftar offerings. For intrepid foodies, this...

Gallery: Sufood | 3/5

Sufood | 3/5

SINGAPORE — Now that kale, cauliflower and gluten-free everything is trending, it seems the time is ripe for restaurants that pitch healthy eating. Enter Sufood, Taiwan’s...

Gallery: Carvers & Co. | 4/5

Carvers & Co. | 4/5

SINGAPORE — It was a trip to Southern Italy in 2012, during which she cooked and dined at the hearth of Italian mamas, that inspired Sarah Lin to trade her job as a fitness...

Gallery: Ujong@Raffles | 3.5/5

Ujong@Raffles | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — Most Singaporean foodies know chef Shen Tan for her now-defunct Wok And Barrel, a no-frills eatery along Duxton Hill where she turned nasi lemak into “restaurant...

Gallery: Caffe B | 3.5/5

Caffe B | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — A sophisticated Italian restaurant, Caffe B celebrates its third anniversary by incorporating more Japanese elements into its food.