Derryn Wong

Gallery: Ticking all the right boxes

Ticking all the right boxes

Berlin — Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are now mainstream. The high-riding cars, which are also known as crossovers, are beginning to outsell sedans in some overseas markets....

Gallery: Answering the S$65,000 question

Answering the S$65,000 question

Singapore — What’s the biggest barrier to car ownership here? Certificates of Entitlement? Taxes like the Additional Registration Fee? Some industry insiders believe the biggest...

Gallery: A new class of luxury?

A new class of luxury?

Lisbon, Portugal — Butlers, we have good news for you: Your jobs are safe for now, since the robot that can interpret the vagaries of human communication with precision hasn’t...

Gallery: Subtle variation

Subtle variation

Singapore — If you look at the current craze for sports utility vehicles or crossovers, the phrase: “I’m a rugged individualist — just like everyone else” comes to mind.