Derryn Wong

Gallery: Out of the ballpark

Audi S3: Out of the ballpark

SINGAPORE — The previous Audi S3 was a niche player. It had lots of power, Audi’s signature all-wheel drive and decent handling, but was out-gunned and undercut by its close...

Gallery: Optimal cruise

Optimal cruise

Singapore — The Kia Optima K5 made a big impression when it was launched in 2011. For one thing, it was leagues ahead of the car it replaced here, the Kia Magentis, a by-the...

Gallery: Shoestring mods

Shoestring mods

Improving your ride needn’t cost you an arm and a leg — even if the car did. Here are five ways to improve the performance of your car, all for less than S$500.

Gallery: Mountain mover

Mountain mover

Singapore — Alpina is a German tuner that specialises in BMWs and has an excellent pedigree and reputation. It’s been tweaking BMWs since 1965 and has a very close working...

Gallery: A kind of magic

A kind of magic

Singapore — When it comes to advanced technology, luxury limousines are the first ones to get all the cutting-edge features. Radar-based cruise control and infrared cameras —...

Gallery: Red-hot stunt master

Red-hot stunt master

Bangkok — To most people, the humble motorcycle is simply a mode of transport. But to German stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer, a motorcycle can be used on one wheel or two, backwards...

Gallery: Turbo Tokyo

Turbo Tokyo

Tokyo — Earlier this year, the Frankfurt Motor Show eclipsed its previous iterations which is further proof of the German car industry’s resurgence, one led by Volkswagen.

Gallery: Zen master

Zen master

Singapore — When is a big luxury sedan not a big luxury sedan? When it’s a big luxury sedan. This sounds like something from a Zen koan, so it’s fitting that Japanese marque...

Gallery: Clever i-dea

Clever i-dea

Driving the i3 in Amsterdam is an eye-opening experience. Electric vehicles (EVs) are not new, but the i3 looks, feels and drives like nothing else on sale now.