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48 hours in Malacca

Malacca is not only steeped in history, it is also the cultural capital for Straits-born Chinese (or Peranakans) — and a food haven. With coaches departing daily from Singapore,...

Gallery: Adventure time

Adventure time

Many people are familiar with Taipei for its cosmopolitan landscape, cutting-edge fashion trends and the latest snack fads. But just south of the capital, in the central region,...

Gallery: With this, who needs a DSLR?

With this, who needs a DSLR?

SINGAPORE — Here’s a bold move: Make a mirrorless camera so powerful, and able to accommodate existing DSLR lenses, that it makes DSLRs obsolete.

LG G2: A gee-whiz machine

LG G2: A gee-whiz machine

SINGAPORE — It must be frustrating for left-handers living in a right-hander world. Taking their needs in hand, LG has released its G2 smartphone that it said will level the...

Perfect pics at a touch

Perfect pics at a touch

SINGAPORE — Smartphone cameras are great up to a point. But if you want to move past food shots and washed-out birthday pictures, you need to whip out that handy point-and-shoot...