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Aliwal Arts Centre’s Arts Night Crawl preview

Arts Night Crawl Media Preview
In line with the official launch of the Aliwal Arts Centre, the National Arts Council organised an exclusive media preview of the Arts Night Crawl on June 5,...
Published: 1:27 PM, June 9, 2013
Updated: 3:40 PM, June 10, 2013
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I’m a huge fan of Goodman Arts Centre. But sorry, guys, when it comes to food, Aliwal Arts Centre wins. Arab Street area, yo.

And in case you haven’t heard, the recently-officially-opened-but-not-so-new-because-it-used-to-be-Chong Cheng School place is holding its own kind of night festival.

The Arts Night Crawl(er) has to appear with a “bamf” (high five to all comic geeks who got it) around the area on June 14, Friday. The event, which will be from 6pm to 11pm, is not only going to be at Aliwal Arts Centre but around the Kampong Glam district.

In fact, you don’t start at the centre. Wander around Haji and Bali Lane, Jalan Pinang, check out the Malay Heritage Centre, drop by Arab Street (waves to the folks at Objectifs). I’m not sure what the artist folks at The Independent Archive And Resource Centre are doing but they’re just a stone’s throw away from the centre along Aliwal Street. Which makes it a bit strange that they’re not involved but hey, maybe they’ve also got some jamming thing going on.

The Aliwal Arts Centre stuff happens from 7pm onwards and will include Brian Gothong Tan’s Dream Soul Palace projections and video art by Urich Lau, some manga portraiture stuff by InkFusion, and graffiti art by the rascals from RSCLS (waves to Zero, TraseOne, and SKL0).

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