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The Unexpurgated interview with Lord David Puttnam

The Unexpurgated interview with Lord David Puttnam
Lord David Puttnam, British film producer and educator currently on a world tour, at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. He sits on the Labour benches in the House of Lords. He is famous for films such as Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express and The Killing Fields. His films have gleaned ten Oscars. Photo by Alex Westcott/TODAY
Published: 12:34 AM, February 27, 2013
Updated: 3:10 PM, February 27, 2013
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Lord David Puttnam, better known as the producer of a host of movies such as Oscar winner Chariots Of Fire, The Mission (which won the Palme D’Or), Memphis Belle, War Of The Buttons, Local Hero, Midnight Express, Stardust, Bugsy Malone and more, was in town recently to give a seminar to the students at Lasalle College Of The Arts as part of Lasalle’s Public Lectures series.

Puttnam’s career started in advertising before he moved on to movies, mainly as a producer, although he took the post as CEO of Columbia Pictures in 1986 to 1988. In 1998 he quit making movies and started a new career in politics, working in the Education ministry. He has since become a patron to several institutions, and also held posts as the head of Channel 4 television, and the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


Good morning.


Well, I’m doing a seminar at LaSalle, which I’ve been involved in since the opening of the Puttnam School Of Film and I’m also doing a public lecture, where I’ll be talking about the general influence of cinema. But the seminar is part of a continuing series of seminar that I’ve been doing from home as part of a video conferencing seminar. This is a live version of something that I’m doing with LaSalle. It’s working very well, I’m delighted with it.

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