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YOU name me one girl who will say no to a tall glass of Gosling?

TODAY talks to Ryan Gosling about 'Gangster Squad'
Genevieve Loh speaks to actor Ryan Gosling, who stars in the upcoming 1940's crime thriller 'Gangster Squad'. Ryan talks about movie violence, his time on the set - and gets a dancing lesson from Genevieve.
Flick Chick turns to mush during her one-on-one interview with Gangster Squad's Ryan Gosling!
Published: 3:30 PM, January 18, 2013
Updated: 3:38 AM, January 21, 2013
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Just when I thought I wasn't one of those girls ... I became ONE! Me and The Goz= MUSH!

Hey Film fans,
Yes, I got a chance to go head on one on one with Ryan Gosling for an interview and all my hard hitting pulitzer prize-winning questions and funny quirky ribs ( to match his self-deprecating and dead-pan humour) all went out of the window! Sigh...

I wasn't sure why I was so incredibly nervous about talking to Ryan Gosling. As a professional, I knew I had to refrain from certain things during the interview. Things like touching him, crying, stuttering and passing out ... you know, that sort of thing.

I was determined to be professional. Plus, I needed to be awake to tell him I enjoyed his latest role as real-life cop Jerry Wooster in the stylish mobster movie Gangster Squad, the Ruben Fleischer-directed flick about real-life mob kingpin Mickey Cohen, who terrorised Los Angeles in 1949.

Now, it's not like it was our first time meeting. I had a chance to bump into the 32-year-old actor in the elevator on the morning of our interview at the Beverly Hilton, where he and his fellow A-list cast like Josh Brolin gathered to promote the movie.

"Hello there! How are you doing this morning?" he politely said to a jaw-dropped me when I held open the elevator door without realising it was for the man himself and his minder. We met the second time when he passed me by with a smile and nod while I was waiting for my turn to interview his co-star, Emma Stone.

See, we're practically best friends now, so why were the butterflies in my tummy training for the Olympics?

Perhaps it's because the handsome, polite, and all-round fantastic Oscar nominated actor is pretty much every hot-blooded female's embodiment of the new sexy. You know the type: Brains, brawn and talent included. Willing to intervene and break up a real New York Street fight when necessary. Scorn at my gushing if you must, but we dare you to find someone who will say "no" to a tall blond glass of Gosling. Girls want him, guys want to be him. And why not?

The former Mouseketeer managed to transform himself from being Young Hercules and that swoony hero every girl wanted as a husband in the syrupy tear-jerker, The Notebook, into an indie movie darling and Hollywood's hottest property with a cinematic winning streak. All by making refreshingly uneasy choices with his career. Whether it's nailing the part as a sensitive loner with a blow-up doll girlfriend in Lars And The Real Girl; showing off both his bod and comedic side in Crazy Stupid Love; being unflappably cool and necessarily brutal in Drive; or getting that deserved Oscar nomination for Half Nelson. The Goz, as his smorgasbord resume proves, is all that and more.

It's true all my good intentions went out the window when he greeted me with a smile ("we meet again!") as I walked into our interview. But thanks to his patience, dead-pan humour, all round loveliness, and enquiries about Singapore and my long flight, I managed to just about pull through to ask a few questions about Gangster Squad. But only just about.

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