Don't Stop Believin' is 2012's highest rated drama to date!

Published: 3:40 AM, November 8, 2012

Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! This is your Showbiz Sista, who, along with what seems like all the teenagers in Singapore, has been watching Channel 8’s current 9pm drama, Don’t Stop Believin’.
Yes – if you think that Channel 8 is beloved only by housewives of a certain age, well, get with the programme, yo. The new generation is taking over – in quite a literal sense, Showbiz Sista might add. Don’t Stop Believin’ is all about the real-life-inspired tribulations of a troubled class of secondary school students – played by a cast of today’s hottest young actors including Kimberly Chia, Edwin Goh and Ian Fang – and their clueless but caring new teacher, played by Felicia Chin.

Don't Stop Believin' cast at the media conference.
And while Channel 8’s last show Joys Of Life might have done spectacularly well, Don’t Stop Believin’ has already taken over as 2012’s highest-rated drama – and it doesn’t even have any period costumes!
Since its debut a week ago, the show has attracted an average of 906,000 viewers, up from Joys Of Life’s 875,000. And last night’s dramatically emotional episode, about Ian’s character losing his grandmother, has drawn the highest numbers yet, with 956,000 people tuning in to see our bad boy bawling.

That’s not all. There are new indicators of success these days, including, of course, Twitter. And Don’t Stop Believin’ has trended nightly since its Aug 14 debut, no doubt thanks to the fact that nearly all the cast – Felicia, Ian, Kimberly and Edwin especially – are Tweeting giants with a combined army of 100,000 followers. Fwoar!
Besides the fact that this show has got more than its fair share of “idol” boys who make damsels’ hearts go pit-a-pat, like Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan, Showbiz Sista is positive that all of Felicia Chin’s fans are tuning in too, since her projects are few and far between these days.

So it’s congratulations to the cast, and to Channel 8 – I believe the children are our future. Treat them well and let them lead the way.
Catch Don’t Stop Believin’ on weeknights at 9pm on MediaCorp TV Channel 8. Showbiz Sista, signing out. Live long and pop corn!