Kick starting daring new drama Start Up!

Published: 5:28 PM, March 22, 2013
Updated: 4:30 PM, March 24, 2013

Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! This is your Showbiz Sista sniffing around the press conference for Channel U’s upcoming new drama, Start Up!

It stars Tay Ping Hui, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Zhu Houren and Xiang Yun, and according to the press release, the show, which is about the struggles of young entrepreneurs, “aspires to break traditional grounds of TV story-telling by adopting contemporary TV drama series production techniques, like the critically-acclaimed BBC’s Sherlock and JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz”. Wow! For real?

“It has a bit of an American feel,” Zhen Huan, who plays a rich but troubled playboy, affirmed. “When I was reading the script, there were a lot of questions in my mind. The second episode had so many surprises that I had to go back and read the first episode again. For example, who exactly is a baddie and who’s a good guy? You don’t find out until the last episode.”

“There’s also love, there’s betrayal, there’s revenge,” said Rebecca, who plays a struggling entrepreneur. “So it encompasses a lot of themes that I think a lot of people can relate to. The writer is very good so every character is very unique. Maybe because it’s weird and unconventional, we’re hoping that the younger people will like it, because all young people like unconventional things, so hopefully they will like this show.”

While we’re on the topic of startups, what would Kate, who plays Bex’s backstabbing BFF, like to venture into if she were to start a business? “I have thought of investing in the F&B business –I love cakes and baking sweet treats,” she mused. “As long as it’s food, I am interested in it. But if it’s clothes, I don’t think I’d be very good at it.”

We know that Bex and Kate have great acting chops – especially if this year’s Star Awards nominations are anything to go by – but if there’s one person to watch in this show, Zhen Huan wants it to be him, because he’s hoping that this bad boy role will help him break free of his boring image.

“It’s always these few adjectives that I can’t get away from: ‘Stable, decent, honest’, he complained. “Even though they’re all positive, I feel tired and helpless. I really am not wholly like that. I can be crazy and drink, too. So I hope people will see my dark side. And I hope people won’t judge me by my looks. I really am not like that.”

Ooh. Showbiz Sista is nearly tempted to let him buy me a drink. In the meantime, catch Start Up! starting March 28, Wednesdays to Fridays at 8pm on MediaCorp TV Channel U. Showbiz Sista, signing out. Live long and pop corn!