COE premiums increase across the board

COE premiums increase across the board
Buyers shopping for cars at Leng Kee Road showroom. COE. Photo: Ernest Chua. 24 March 2013.
COEs for small cars up to S$75,556
Published: 4:13 PM, August 7, 2013
Updated: 2:29 PM, March 21, 2016

SINGAPORE - Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums for vehicles increased across the board at the end of the latest bidding exercise.

The bidding exercise ended today, after a three-week break, and it is also the first bidding exercise since the Land Transport Authority announced that more COEs will be available for the next six months starting this month.

COE premiums for small cars (1,600cc and below) continued to increase to close 2.12 per cent higher at S$75,556, compared with S$73,989 in the previous bidding exercise.

Premiums for big cars (1,601cc and above) increased by 1.59 per cent from S$76,389 to S$77,600.

In the Open category, where COEs can be used for any vehicle type but end up mainly for cars, the premium increased by 1.55 per cent to S$77,989 from S$76,802.

The COE premium for commercial vehicles saw the most increase of 4.94 per cent to S$68,251, while the premium for two-wheelers increased by 4.67 per cent to S$1,792.