Any surface as a touch screen? It’s now a possibility

NTU researchers invents system to transform plain surfaces into touch screen
Published: 4:51 PM, July 10, 2013
Updated: 9:40 AM, July 11, 2013

SINGAPORE — Researchers from Nanyang Technological University have come up with an invention to transform plain surfaces into touch screens.

The invention works on the principles of vibration and imaging to track the movements of multiple fingers or objects. The surface can then function as a real touch screen, allowing users to play computer games or draw sketches on it.

The team said the low-cost system has also been proven to work on different types of large surfaces such as wooden tables, aluminium, steel and even plastic surfaces.

The team won the Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2012, presented by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) last December.It has also been awarded the National Research Foundation Proof-of-Concept grant, which provides innovative research of up to S$250,000 for the development of a commercially viable prototype based on their initial research.

The team is now working to commercialise their invention. CHANNEL NEWSASIA