Gallery: XXII | 4/5

XXII | 4/5

SINGAPORE — It may seem a little strange for Sculpture Square — dedicated, as the name suggests, to 3D art — to play host to a show consisting almost entirely of 51 paintings....

Gallery: Hood mentality: Woolf Works in Joo Chiat

Hood mentality: Woolf Works in Joo Chiat

SINGAPORE — It’s Business 101 to open where your customers are. But these days, it isn’t enough to only have a great location. Instead, it’s also about collaboration, community,...

Gallery: Rant and rave: Loretta Chen

Rant and rave: Loretta Chen

SINGAPORE — Writing her tell-all autobiography, Woman On Top, wasn’t an easy thing for Loretta Chen. “I did have to wrestle with my demons, but I’m glad it’s out there now,”...

Innamorati The Musical | 3/5

Innamorati The Musical | 3/5

SINGAPORE — Just in case you didn’t know, innamorati refers to “the lovers” — stock characters whose purpose is to fall in love in 16th century Italian theatre, where performers...