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Gallery: We Are Home And Everywhere | 3.5/5

We Are Home And Everywhere | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — A people without power, marginalised at every turn, uprooted from their homes and buffeted at every turn by external calamities such as natural disasters or even...

Dear Nora | 2.5/5

Dear Nora | 2.5/5

SINGAPORE — Amateur theatre group Our Company sure aims high. Its follow-up to last year’s twin-bill show — Ovidia Yu’s Hokkien Me and Leow Puay Tin’s Three Children — is a...

Tap Dogs | 3.5/5

Tap Dogs | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — “Tap” probably suggests a lighter dance routine — but creator and choreographer Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs is definitely a show about just how tough male dancers can be.

Gallery: Yes, Prime Minister | 3/5

Yes, Prime Minister | 3/5

SINGAPORE — Yes, Prime Minister makes its way from the West End to Singapore with a cast from London, invoking waves of nostalgia for the ’80s Britcom.

Gallery: An Evening With John Cleese | 4/5

An Evening With John Cleese | 4/5

SINGAPORE — Comedic legend John Cleese entertained a sold-out full house at the NUS’ University Cultural Centre on the first of his two-night engagement in Singapore on a balmy...