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A creative approach to making a difference

March 30
A couple’s determination to help others is fostering greater understanding across borders and cultures
A fine-arts showcase, Indian style

A fine-arts showcase, Indian style

If you’ve always wanted to see a Kathak dance performance (a form of Indian classical dance), the SIFAS (Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society) Festival of Indian Classical Music...

A long way from Lecture Theatre 13

A long way from Lecture Theatre 13

In 1984, a little-known lunchtime concert series was launched at Lecture Theatre 13 for National University of Singapore (NUS) students. This may not seem like much today, given...

Lillian Schwartz

Creativity is critical

Lillian Schwartz is an American artist renowned for her work in the field of computer-mediated art in the 1960s and 1970s, long before computers became common household...

Fun with Art & Bytes

Sm(art) Nation

The term Smart Nation has become a popular addition to the Singapore lexicon, denoting our vision of using technology to improve lives and businesses. Many are focusing on Smart...

A fine art

A fine art

Arts managers don’t just plan productions or handle artist schedules. There’s a lot more to the role.



25 households collaborate with nine theatre artists to bring you short plays in their homes

Gallery: A walk in the park

A walk in the park

It’s a place favored by nature lovers, families looking for a spot of outdoor fun, and couples seeking a green sanctuary to roam and relax. The 156-year-old Singapore Botanic...

Gallery: The power of community

The power of community

In conjunction with its 25th anniversary celebrations, contemporary theatre company Drama Box will be presenting a festival titled SCENES: FORUM THEATRE next month.

Gallery: Food. Booze. Art.

Food. Booze. Art.

Fancy sipping a glass of wine while admiring art pieces in a … bar? We check out two hip and happening restaurant-bars – Moosehead Kitchen-Bar and Mad Nest – that double as art...