Exclusive one-on-one with British F1 driver Jenson Button

Jenson Button talks to TODAY
Click on the video above to hear McLaren F1 driver Jenson Button talk about how he handles fame, paparazzi, his own special blend of Johnnie Walker and life 'outside the car'.
Published: 5:21 PM, September 21, 2013
Updated: 2:45 PM, March 21, 2016

ROAR! What better way to get my 2013 Singapore Formula 1 Night Race weekend off to roaring start than an exclusive chat with F1 super stud himself - Jenson Button! (yes ladies, you can start screaming now!)

Yes,it’s the Singapore Grand Prix weekend and with RUSH, Ron Howard’s latest film about real life British Formula 1 racing driver James Hunt‘s intense and famous rivalry with Austrian driver Niki Lauda- opening in Singapore next week, Flick Chick knew she SIMPLY had to get into the F1 fever. So I, like any hot-blooded female would, jumped at the chance to sit down for an exclusive albeit short 1-on-1 chat with the 2009 Formula One World Champion himself, who turned out to be a real sweetheart, incredibly friendly and so easy to chat to.

Every bit as accommodating as they say he is, the Johnnie Walker Join The Pact ambassador actually gave me precious sit-down interview face-time, right before he was due for his race practice session on the track.

And when I told the dashing Brit that it’s usually FILMS, not FORMULA 1 that I was more comfortable discussing and doing interviews of, he immediately started chatting about RUSH and my opinions about it. (Trivia: Both driving champs belong to the same McLaren family! James Hunt drove for McLaren from 1976-1978. Button has been a McLaren driver since 2010.)

And as we shared a few laughs on how I’ve moved on up to the “big leagues” from interviewing movie stars to sports heroes while being miked up, the 33-year-old shared candidly how he handles fame, the paparazzi, his love for wine, his very own special Johnnie Walker blend, and his life “outside the car”.
Click on the video and tell me who isn’t instantly a Jenson “Cute as a button” fan. GO TEAM BUTTON!!!! And darn that gorgeous and lucky Jessica Michibata! Sigh...

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