Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun dies

Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun dies
Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun, who died on Aug 9, was a "motherly figure". Photo: Xiang Yun/Instagram
She was best known for her role as a selfless mother in the 1989 Channel 8 series A Mother’s Love
Published: 12:55 PM, August 11, 2017
Updated: 9:50 PM, August 11, 2017

SINGAPORE – Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun who died on Wednesday morning (Aug 9) was “a motherly figure” to those who knew her, including her ex-colleagues.

News of the 72-year-old’s death broke on Instagram by veteran actress Xiang Yun.

Remembering her former colleague, Xian Yun told TODAY: “(Wang) took care of the younger artistes with caring words – she would say: ‘How are you? Are you tired?’. They all treated her like a mother. She was a very cheerful and happy person.

“I feel sad and very emotional. My heart feels very heavy.”

In her Instagram post, Xiang Yun paid tribute to Wang whom she called Xiu Yun jie, as she was fondly known to her colleagues.

Another of Wang’s ex-colleagues, actress Zhu Xiu Feng, said: “I feel upset because she was an actress from our generation. It feels like we lost a friend and lost an actress in showbiz.”

“She was very passionate and she treated us well. She liked to make friends,” said 73 year-old Xiu, who had worked with Wang “in two to three dramas”.

Wang died as a result of from kidney failure. According to Xiang Yun, Wong rejected dialysis prior to her death. She also revealed that Wang suffered from diabetes in the years before her death, and had stayed in several nursing homes.

Xiang Yun also recalled a fond moment they shared while filming the 1986 drama Painted Faces. They were filming a scene in which the Hong Kong producer spoke in Cantonese and instructed them to burn some items. However, there was a misunderstanding due to the language barrier.

“The producer said ‘xiao’, which means burn in Cantonese (and also means to laugh in Mandarin). When the camera tracked to us, the producer said ‘xiao’ so we looked around and laughed together,” she added.

Wang started out as an actress in the 1970s with Mediacorp, then known as Radio Television Singapore. She is best known for her role as the selfless, kindhearted mother in the 1989 Channel 8 series A Mother’s Love, which also starred Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing.

According to 8 Days, Wang quit showbiz in 1998 and went on to teach children’s acting classes while pursuing acting part-time. She also worked at a department store.