The Zen of Bill

TORONTO — Sitting through the premiere of his latest film, St Vincent, Bill Murray was unexpectedly moved.

Living Dead crowdfunding campaign

LOS ANGELES — G Cameron Romero, the son of legendary horror film-maker George A Romero, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the genesis story of his father’s horror movie,...

Class 95 DJs for 1965 film?

Class 95 DJs for 1965 film?

SINGAPORE — Daniel Yun, executive producer for the much-anticipated film 1965 said the Morning Express DJs, Glenn Ong and Joe Augustin, could appear in the movie.

Gallery: Marvel’s Civil War is imminent

Marvel’s Civil War is imminent

LOS ANGELES — With their superpowers and skintight costumes, superheroes are meant to be a little, well, unbelievable. Now, Disney’s Marvel wants to make movie fans accept them...