F.T.Island star Lee Hong-Gi on having patients

F.T.Island star Lee Hong-Gi on having patients
Lee Hong Gi plays a pop star sent to do community service in a hospice.
The Korean pop idol takes on his first big-screen role
Published: 12:06 AM, August 22, 2013
Updated: 3:50 PM, August 22, 2013
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SINGAPORE - A hospice ward might seem a dark and depressing place where patients get ready to bid the world goodbye. But in Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door, there are some “wacky” denizens who prefer to go out in style.

Directed by Danny Nam, Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door stars Lee Hong-Gi (of FTIsland fame) as a troublesome teen idol who has been ordered to do community service at a hospice for terminally ill patients after being involved in an assault. Of course, he tries to skive, but he gets found out by the inhabitants of the hospice - Don Lee, Lim Won-Hee, Baek Jin-Hee, Jun Min-Seo and Shim Yi-Young. What happens next is a rollercoaster ride of mayhem as he tries to get them to join a band competition to prevent the hospice from being shut down.

While playing a musician might seem to come naturally for Hong-Gi, fan expectation ran high, not least because this is his first big-screen role. (He has previously acted in TV dramas and movies.) So how did he handle it?

Q: People are calling your role the most anticipated movie debut, does this put pressure on you?

A: Of course, I felt some pressure in the beginning. However, as I went through the script several times, I soon became a fan of the story, and I also wanted to learn more about the hospice. Once I realised (what) the hospice (was all about), I could not help but take the role.

Q: This is your first movie role: Did you have to visit many hospices to prepare for this role?

A: No. I couldn’t. The director wanted us not to visit the hospice beforehand since the director wanted us to feel just as it was.

Q: What was the funniest moment in making the film?

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