MICappella head to the movies

MICappella head to the movies
MICappella: From singers to actors. Photo: Alex Westcott
Singapore vocal group to feature in slasher flick
Published: 4:01 AM, July 10, 2013
Updated: 8:00 PM, July 10, 2013

SINGAPORE — It has been an eventful time for a cappella group MICappella, ever since they launched their debut album, Here We Go, in May. And the popular Singapore vocal outfit are definitely going places.

Apart from their concerts and shows in Singapore and overseas — the group recently returned from the Borneo Cultural Festival — MICappella is slated to act in The Hospital, Singapore’s first Chinese language slasher genre film. The film, which also stars Michael Chua (who starred in the award-winning short film, Hentak Kaki), revolves around a group of friends when things go violently wrong during their weekend getaway.

“We’re nervous but excited,” said MICappella’s Peter Huang. “But most of all, we’re looking forward to it because it’s a great opportunity to learn and experience something new and fun.

“The characters we’re going to be playing are going to be quite close to what we normally are, except that there will be a pair of siblings within the group, who will be played by Ein Ein and Juni. You will need to watch the movie to find out what happens!”

The sextet also released their music video for the single, Suan Le Ba (Let It Go) last week, amid news that their bass singer Weijin, who has been with the group for three years, will be leaving the band. He will be replaced by YK Teng, who has already started performing with MICappella at some shows.

The group is also expected to do a tour of the United States end of this year — they are the first group in Asia to be invited to participate in the SoJam A Cappella Festival in Raleigh.