The Tide is (riding) high

The Tide is (riding) high
The Tide have been hitting the road all over the world since they got together last year. Photo: Christopher Toh
The Tide have come a long way - literally - since they officially got together last year
Published: 11:39 PM, January 25, 2016
Updated: 4:56 AM, January 30, 2016

SINGAPORE – American pop band The Tide may be a relatively young group, having formed just about a year ago, but they're already flying high. Thanks to British rockers The Vamps, who have asked The Tide to be their opening act, the American quartet has been hitting the touring circuit around the United States, Europe and now, Asia, with their concert in Singapore tonight at the Hard Rock Coliseum in Sentosa.

The Vamps are also the owners of the record label that signed The Tide, effectively making them their bosses. But the boys in The Tide – Drew Dirksen, Austin Corini, Nate Parker, Levi Jones – say their relationship is anything but that of your standard employer/employee relationship.

“We’ve all had jobs where we had to work with bosses, but it’s cool to have bosses that are like your best friends,” said Corini. “It’s a lot of fun and everyone is having a good time.”

Touring with The Vamps  has been fun, said the fledgling band, which was officially formed last year.

“Everything has been happening so fast,” said Dirksen. “We flew out to Los Angeles and within a two-month period we were off playing arena shows to thousands of people … Levi joined us two weeks before we went on tour! It’s all been so fast, but once you’re in that groove, it’s so surreal. We’d play a show that’d be the coolest thing ever and then we’d come off stage and it’d be like, ‘did we just do that?’”

Jones added: “It was only 10 or 11 months ago that we were normal kids. I think it’s hasn’t hit us. We still feel like normal kids, doing what we love.”

Of course, things have changed somewhat. In some cities, the members can’t walk down streets and not be recognised. “We sometimes forget that we’re big in some places,” said Corini. “We used to be the guys waiting in line to see the band. Now we go on tour and we’re walking down the street and people will come up to you asking for autographs, instead. It’s like, ‘Whoa’.”

He added: “Home is what we miss the most when we’re on tour. But when we’re home for a certain amount of time, we miss touring. If only we can get a good middle ground – where we can keep our families close to us, because they’re the people who will keep us grounded and love us no matter what.”

Parker agreed: “Our parents are cool with (what we do). But you gotta keep grounded. We keep each other in check.”

Still touring does bring its fair share of interesting scenarios, shall we say.  

Jones said: “The fans are definitely different. Outside of the United States, the fans are more energetic. It’s really cool to see the different reactions from the different fans.”  

“Meeting all the new fans is kind of cool when we go to a place we haven’t been,” said Parker. “You see them online but when you meet them in person, that’s really cool.”

“We’ve had a couple of Spinal Tap moments. We’ve never gotten lost backstage, but the last time we were locked out of our dressing rooms so we had to walk a long way round the arena to get in through the other door.”

The Tide is working on their album and they’re busy trying to drum up support for their music – as opposed how they made their name, which is by doing covers. Still, since the members say they all have an equal say as to what music they play, so don’t be surprised to hear a vast array of sounds on their album. After all, their influences run the gamut from artistes such as All Time Low, Queen, Michael Jackson, Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran.

“We’re all different but I feel like we all have the same music genres, in a way,” said Jones.

“And Drew and I listen to opera and cry together,” quipped Corini.

As for their aspirations for this tour. “We hope to have a whole new fan group. The fans we’ve seen so far … they’re really into the music and it’s cool to see them connecting to the songs we play,” said Jones.

Connect with The Tide tonight at 7.30pm at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa. Tickets from SISTIC.