“The Noose” returns with a bang

Singapore actress Siti Khalijah (right) and her co-stars reveal the truth. Photo: Channel NewsAsia
"The Noose" received a warm welcome from viewers when it returned on April 1 2014. Photo: Channel NewsAsia
The debut episode of “The Noose” season 7 drew 265,000 viewers last night, twice the average for shows in the same time slot on Channel 5
Published: 8:08 PM, April 2, 2014

SINGAPORE — The debut episode of season seven of “The Noose” drew some 265,000 viewers last night (April 1), twice the average for shows in the same 8.30pm time slot on Channel 5.

And it was probably all thanks to a woman who caught her ‘cheating husband’ with his girlfriend aboard a bus in Singapore.

A video of the incident that found its way to YouTube sees the woman admonishing the man loudly for seeing a younger woman behind her back, and demanding an explanation as other bus passengers look on.

The incident, which was captured by a ‘passenger’, was actually staged by the production team of “The Noose”.

It was an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank to promote the return of the popular news parody show, which began its run on Channel 5 on April 1.

The feisty woman was actually played by theatre actress Siti Khalijah, the latest addition to the cast of the “The Noose”.

Both the ‘cheating husband’ and his ‘mistress’ were also played by actors.

The video, along with two other similar ones, have collectively garnered some 200,000 views since they were uploaded onto YouTube over the weekend, and have drawn numerous comments during that time.

Some applauded the woman for having the courage to confront her cheating husband and his girlfriend, while others felt she shouldn’t have done so in public.

There were also those who discussed whether it was right for someone to shoot a video of the tussle and put it online, while others questioned the authenticity of the video.

“The Noose” production team finally revealed the truth of the matter in a video clip posted online yesterday.

“The Noose” also stars Michelle Chong, Chua Enlai, Alaric Tay,as well as Suhaimi Yusof, and airs every Tuesday, 8.30pm on Channel 5. CHANNEL NEWSASIA