‘Wayang’ takes centre stage in new Singapore film

‘Wayang’ takes centre stage in new Singapore film
Cast of director Raymond Tan's new film Wayang Boy. Photo: Channel NewsAsia
Film to star Hong Kong and Taiwan actors Lau Kar Ying, Michelle Yim and Chantel Liu
Published: 10:20 AM, July 16, 2014

SINGAPORE — Issues of assimilation and integration take the spotlight in new Singapore film Wayang Boy. Director Raymond Tan gave the media a sneak peek of the movie at a news conference yesterday (July 15).

The film revolves around a young boy from India who struggles to fit into Singaporean society and his chance encounter with the art of Chinese opera, also known as “wayang”, which ends up changing his life.

“The film is really about how foreigners fit into Singapore and how Singaporeans adapt to a more multinational, multicultural and multilingual new Singapore,” said Tan.

Wayang Boy stars local actress Kym Ng, and actors Chen Tianwen, Chua Enlai and Bobby Tonelli. Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Kar Ying, actress Michelle Yim, as well as Taiwan’s Chantel Liu also appear in the film. CHANNEL NEWSASIA