The public enjoying a concert at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. The Aug 7 concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens over the Jubilee weekend will be held here. PHOTO: National Parks Board
Chang Kuda is the name of a popular game children played in the 1950s and 1960s. This sculpture is by 2014 Cultural Medallion recipient Chong Fah Cheong. PHOTO: Koh Mui Fong
Passing of Knowledge was created by local sculptor Victor Tan Wee Tar in 2003. PHOTO: Koh Mui Fong
“Botanical Inspirations: Tropical Splendour – Plant Portraits from Shirley Sherwood Contemporary Collection” exhibition will be held at the CDL Green Gallery. PHOTO: National Parks Board
Embark on the Orchid Garden Tour at the National Orchid Garden. PHOTO: National Parks Board

1363661_A walk in the park
A walk in the park

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Go on a sculture hunt, catch a movie, and sketch at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Why Adam Lambert’s fans span generations

Why Adam Lambert’s fans span generations

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