Amid The Clouds by Amir Reza Koohestani and the Mehr Theatre Group at SIFA 2014. PHOTO: Abas Kosari.
Robert Wilson and the Berliner Ensemble’s Peter Pan is one of the highlights this year. Photo: Lucie Jansch/Berliner Ensemble.
Enter Belgian artist Miet Warlop’s bizarre bubblegum world in Mystery Magnet at SIFA 2014. Photo: Reinout Hiel

SIFA finds itself in a new arts landscape — will it cope?

August 2
After a one-year break, the Arts Fest is back to stake its claim
Gallery: May We Chat | 1/5

May We Chat | 1/5

SINGAPORE — Let us first start off by saying we love all things from Hong Kong: The food, the TV shows, the shopping. But May We Chat, directed by film critic Philip Yung, is...