Gallery: It’s a wrap life

It’s a wrap life

Fashionistas and designers are saying bravo to headwraps not only for their eye-catching appeal, but also because they celebrate the independent woman

Gallery: Funky HDB Homes in Jurong

Funky HDB Homes in Jurong

As far as the urban narrative in Singapore goes, the West has always been considered to the industrial, unsexy cousin to the heritage-rich counterpart in the East. Well, things...

Life begins at 440

Life begins at 440

Singapore — For those who have always aspired to own a coupe but need something more practical for the family, the burgeoning breed of four-door coupes such as BMW’s 4 Series...

Gallery: Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

If you were a fan of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the early noughties, a typical rally would be best described in the following manner: A bunch of manufacturers show up...

Gallery: Against the grain

Against the grain

SINGAPORE — For those with celiac disease, eating gluten causes all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms and could damage their small intestines. Yet for others, eating gluten — the...

Gallery: Why do so many cafes look the same?

Why do so many cafes look the same?

SINGAPORE — The cafe scene here is never more bustling than during the weekends. Coffee houses are typically packed with customers tucking into artfully plated brunch dishes...

Gallery: Time machines

Time machines

Munich — It is supposedly unwise to meet your heroes. In this case, crawling through Munich’s rush-hour traffic while up-close-and-personal with a legend has made cracks appear...