Build your own Bloody Mary with the Bloody Mary Cart at Regent Singapore’s Manhattan bar.
Artisan American cheeses in the Ingredients Room of Regent Singapore’s Manhattan.
Gallery: Dining Guide: July 24 to 30

Dining Guide: July 24 to 30

BRUNCH WITH A PUNCH AT MANHATTAN. A lavish menu of unlimited craft cocktails, beers, wines and gastronomic pleasures — from oysters to Bloody Marys — is available for your...

Gallery: Bhutan in high spirits

Bhutan in high spirits

Happiness Is A Place. At least that’s the official slogan of the Tourism Council of Bhutan; and I was determined to find out if it was merely hype and a clever marketing gimmick...

Gallery: Pince & Pints | 4/5

Pince & Pints | 4/5

SINGAPORE — In a city where new restaurants and cafes sprout at a rate of two to four a week, a venue that draws a real buzz in its first week of opening is rare indeed.