Gallery: Sporting chance

Sporting chance

SINGAPORE — The problem with Kia, and perhaps with Korean cars in general, is that driving one makes some people here suspect that you couldn’t afford a Japanese car. Can the...

Gallery: All in Accord

All in Accord

SINGAPORE — Sedans are still the single most popular body type for cars sold in Singapore, accounting for 39 per cent of the market last year. The vast majority of those have to...

BMW tips its hat to the 2002 Turbo

BMW tips its hat to the 2002 Turbo

BMW’s Hommage cars have always been heavily body-kitted — occasionally outlandish — design studies that pay tribute to iconic cars from the Bavarian manufacturer’s past. The...

Mercedes-Benz launches C-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz launches C-Class Coupe

When it’s not busy winning Formula 1 championships, Mercedes-Benz has been tapping into its sporting credibility with a series of sportscars and coupes.

Gallery: rides of passage

Rides of passage

Choosing a new car can be daunting, but here are six machines that prove beginners have a great choice of what’s out there ranging from the normal to the quirky and super...

Gallery: More reasons to dine out with the kids

More reasons to dine out with the kids

SINGAPORE — Choosing where to dine when out with the children can be a tricky undertaking. Trust me, a five-year-old can be infuriatingly adamant about her craving for freshly...