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2064446_Keeping up with the Pace
Keeping up with the Pace

April 30
Gallery: Get electrified

Get electrified

Wolfsburg (Germany) — Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is the name of its now legendary hot hatch, but not many people know that the letter “i” stands for “injection”, in reference to its...

The real benefit of electric motoring

The real benefit of electric motoring

Batteries that run plug-in and fully electric cars are charged through the mains, which can only be as clean as the power used to provide this electricity. Singapore’s power...

Gallery: jaguar’s jungle cat

Jaguar’s jungle cat

SVETI STEFAN (MONTENEGRO) — If you’re going to be late to the dance, you’d better have legs like Joanne Peh or know some fancy moves. The Jaguar F-Pace doesn’t have limbs, but...

Gallery: Welcome to the (urban) jungle

Welcome to the (urban) jungle

The Mellowpark, located in Berlin, is Europe’s largest skate/BMX facility, and Volkswagen dumped tonnes of dirt on it to turn it into a miniature off-road course to show off the...

Volvo amps up electric ambitions

Volvo amps up electric ambitions

As part of a company-wide drive to place sustainability at the core of future business operations, Volvo says it intends to sell a total of up to one million electrified cars by...

Gallery: Ticking all the right boxes

Ticking all the right boxes

Berlin — Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are now mainstream. The high-riding cars, which are also known as crossovers, are beginning to outsell sedans in some overseas markets....