Life begins at 440
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Life begins at 440

September 24
BMW updates its 4 Series Gran Coupe with an engine that does justice to its sporty styling
Gallery: Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

If you were a fan of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the early noughties, a typical rally would be best described in the following manner: A bunch of manufacturers show up...

Gallery: Time machines

Time machines

Munich — It is supposedly unwise to meet your heroes. In this case, crawling through Munich’s rush-hour traffic while up-close-and-personal with a legend has made cracks appear...

Brand new start

Brand new start

Opel’s latest car may be called the Adam, but can the brand itself make a Lazarus-like return? Look at Opel’s registration figures in Singapore and you might notice something...

Vintage vamp

Vintage vamp

SINGAPORE — Imagine the ignominy of challenging your grandfather to a 100m race and coming in a distant second. That’s probably how the driver of one modern car felt after an...

Gallery: Zero-sum game

Zero-sum game

HIGASHI-FUJI, JAPAN — At its simplest level, a crash test is just a matter of smashing a car or two and seeing what happens.