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Audi S3 Sportback
Audi S3 Sportback
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375081_Audi S3: Out of the ballpark
Audi S3: Out of the ballpark

December 28
The Audi S3 has matured into something far more than a great hot hatch — it’s a do-everything car that’s fun, frugal and fast
Gallery: Optimal cruise

Optimal cruise

Singapore — The Kia Optima K5 made a big impression when it was launched in 2011. For one thing, it was leagues ahead of the car it replaced here, the Kia Magentis, a by-the...

Gallery: Mountain mover

Mountain mover

Singapore — Alpina is a German tuner that specialises in BMWs and has an excellent pedigree and reputation. It’s been tweaking BMWs since 1965 and has a very close working...

Gallery: Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

Singapore — The Toyota Avanza is a common sight in many parts of South-east Asia and is finally on sale in Singapore. Its arrival is somewhat counter to marketing trends — what...

Gallery: Small car, big dreams

Small car, big dreams

Singapore — At first glance, the Peugeot 2008 looks almost like a taller version of its 208 hatchback. Take a closer look though, and you’ll find that the 2008 is much more....

A kind of magic

Singapore — When it comes to advanced technology, luxury limousines are the first ones to get all the cutting-edge features. Radar-based cruise control and infrared cameras —...

Gallery: Zen master

Zen master

Singapore — When is a big luxury sedan not a big luxury sedan? When it’s a big luxury sedan. This sounds like something from a Zen koan, so it’s fitting that Japanese marque...

Gallery: Executive decisions

Executive decisions

Singapore — If you take a quick glance at the spec boxes below, you will notice that the Chevrolet Malibu and the Nissan Teana share many similarities. Engine capacity,...

Gallery: Ready, aim, fire

Mercedes A 45 AMG: Ready, aim, fire

SINGAPORE — Say hello to the A 45 AMG. It’s the latest creation from Mercedes-AMG, the small but dedicated offshoot of the Daimler empire where insane people take Mercedes cars...

Gallery: The next big thing from Lexus

The next big thing from Lexus

Kuala Lumpur — While German luxury brands have recently made overtures to the mass market by building smaller, cheaper cars, Lexus seems content to go its own way.

Gallery: Sweet Swede

Sweet Swede

Singapore — The S60 sedan helped cement Volvo’s new reputation as a maker of really safe cars that no longer reflect excess stodginess, be it in looks or behaviour.