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The BMW Driving Experience
Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper
Octygen Inrush air purifier
Pioneer AVH-X7850BT
Micro Precision 3 Series speaker set
Here are a few gift ideas for that special someone who’s mad about cars or always on the road
Published: 4:22 AM, December 12, 2015
Updated: 8:19 PM, December 21, 2015
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For The driver who wants to level up

BMW Driving Experience

From S$1,000 |


When it comes to driving, there’s always more you can learn. Like other luxury car brands, BMW offers a number of driving courses abroad to expand a person’s driving abilities, no matter their skill level. For example, earlier this year, we attended BMW’s Alpine Drive Experience, held in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Participants were taught the finer points of controlling an all-wheel drive BMW on snow and ice, and how to safely — and quickly — navigate tricky conditions. Not only is it hugely informative, it’s also mega-fun. Other advanced driving courses from BMW, and other car manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari, offer everything from defensive driving to competitive international racing series.


For easier breathing in the cabin

Octygen Inrush air purifier

S$250 |


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