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2490516_Four unconventional cars for Singapore
Four unconventional cars for Singapore

October 22
Tired of driving on the mild side? These cars will help you break out of the local motoring mould.
Life begins at 440

Life begins at 440

Singapore — For those who have always aspired to own a coupe but need something more practical for the family, the burgeoning breed of four-door coupes such as BMW’s 4 Series...

Gallery: Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

Citroen debuts C3 WRC concept

If you were a fan of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the early noughties, a typical rally would be best described in the following manner: A bunch of manufacturers show up...

Gallery: Time machines

Time machines

Munich — It is supposedly unwise to meet your heroes. In this case, crawling through Munich’s rush-hour traffic while up-close-and-personal with a legend has made cracks appear...

Brand new start

Brand new start

Opel’s latest car may be called the Adam, but can the brand itself make a Lazarus-like return? Look at Opel’s registration figures in Singapore and you might notice something...

Vintage vamp

Vintage vamp

SINGAPORE — Imagine the ignominy of challenging your grandfather to a 100m race and coming in a distant second. That’s probably how the driver of one modern car felt after an...