Gallery: The Q starts here

The Q starts here

Switzerland — Audi is in that enviable position where its products range from the relatively affordable compact A1 hatchback to the R8 sportscar that is technical brethren to a...

Gallery: Hot cross fun

Hot cross fun

Bangkok — Small crossovers, or compact sport utility vehicles (CSUVs), are hot property right now. It doesn’t matter if they’re everyman-priced, like Honda’s HR-V, or higher...

Gallery: Seen but not herd

Seen but not herd

SINGAPORE — Chances are, if you want to impress the neighbours, driving a new Volkswagen home will do it. And if it doesn’t, you must live in a pretty fancy neighbourhood.

A kind of magic

A kind of magic

SINGAPORE — Sci-fi author Arthur C Clarke famously coined three adages, which became known as Clarke’s Laws. The third “law” is probably the most applicable to our age: Any...

When less is more: Suzuki’s Vitara

When less is more: Suzuki’s Vitara

SINGAPORE — Rising prices for Certificates Of Entitlement (COEs) got you down? They should. Last week the premium for a Category A COE climbed 14.1 per cent to S$53,694, causing...

Gallery: Cars worth 

Cars worth waiting 

SINGAPORE — This year has been an interesting one for petrolheads so far. After the fanfare of the Singapore Motor Show in January, the industry has been kept busy by a...