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2332306_Non-turbo holdouts
Non-turbo holdouts

August 20
Kia fortifies its Forte

Kia fortifies its Forte

SINGAPORE — Carmakers usually give their products a facelift at least once in their product cycle to keep them looking fresh, so potential buyers will stay interested. But these...

Powering up the ranks

Powering up the ranks

Remember when South Korea defied all expectations and qualified for the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup thanks to giant-killing soccer feats? Well, the Koreans are back to...

Gallery: Awesome four-some

Awesome four-some

Brunico (Italy) — Like blue cheese and buah keluak, shooting brakes are an acquired taste that have evolved slowly over time.

Gallery: Subtle screamers

Subtle screamers

Singapore — Cars like the Audi RS 3 represent more performance than you could ever fully, sanely use on public roads, but that style of fire-breathing performance surely will...

Frank opinions about car design

Frank opinions about car design

SINGAPORE — Want to be a successful car designer? Race motorcycles in your youth. That helped Frank Stephenson in a career that has led to his current job as director of design...

Pocket Rocket: The Audi RS 3

Pocket Rocket: The Audi RS 3

Singapore — In the world of German high-performance cars, each of the big luxury brands has its go-faster outfits: BMW has M, Mercedes has AMG, and Audi has RS.

Gallery: Spin-offs that spun out

Spin-off cars that spun out

Citroen has high hopes for DS Automobiles and Hyundai has big plans for its new Genesis brand, but motoring history is littered with the wreckage of ambition. Acura (from Honda)...

Gallery: Flying the coop

Flying the coop with Mini Cabriolet

Singapore — Problems with a car’s roof are very rare. They are largely fuss-free things, even in the case of convertibles. The new Mini Cabriolet has a superb example of a...