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2490516_Four unconventional cars for Singapore
Four unconventional cars for Singapore

October 22
Tired of driving on the mild side? These cars will help you break out of the local motoring mould.
Seven seats, five stars

Seven seats, five stars

Singapore — While the Volkswagen Caddy is a different spin on a regular multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), VW’s “original” MPV has a long-established history in the segment.

A van-tastic idea?

A van-tastic idea?

SINGAPORE — When you see the phrase “based on a vampire romance novel” in a movie’s description, you know you will have a less-than-enjoyable two hours ahead of you. Likewise,...

Attrage-ous fuel economy

Attrage-ous fuel economy

This week, Mitsubishi demonstrated that an Attrage could be driven more efficiently than a (badly-driven) hybrid. It announced the results of a fuel-efficiency challenge...

Gallery: Uber appreciated

Uber appreciated

SINGAPORE — No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Mitsubishi Attrage has gradually become a common sight on Singapore’s roads, and that is because it has been racking up...

Gallery: Non-turbo holdouts

Non-turbo holdouts

Here are three other naturally-aspirated driver’s cars that are flying the flag in a turbocharged, emissions-sensitive age.

Gallery: The starter supercar

The starter supercar

SINGAPORE — Let’s suppose your faith in Toto numbers has finally been rewarded, or you have just made equity partner or that start-up you invested in did not turn out to be such...

Revitalised R8

Revitalised R8

Singapore — It may look familiar, but the Audi R8 has changed considerably from what it used to be.

Gallery: Booty call

Booty call

SINGAPORE — The compact crossover market shows no signs of slowing, with models such as the Nissan Qashqai claiming to sell a car every hour while other brands, like Honda (with...