It’s good to be Jade-d

It’s good to be Jade-d

Singapore — For the better part of its history, Honda has been known for its engines. They have always been naturally-aspirated (that is, not using super/ turbocharging), high...

New Audi A5 family hits the road

New Audi A5 family hits the road

Audi has launched its new A5 coupe and, as with most things Audi, the new model is longer, lighter, more efficient and offers more load-lugging ability than the outgoing model....

Ford launches hottest Fiesta yet

Ford launches hottest Fiesta yet

Hot hatch fans, rejoice. Ford is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its Fiesta in a big way, with the launch of the Fiesta ST200, an even hotter version of its popular compact...

Gallery: Scoring a coup

Scoring a coup

Singapore — In recent years, coupes have run wild in the imagination of car buyers, but few, if any, found real homes.

Gallery: Prime-time player

Prime-time player

Malaga (Spain) — Volvo’s latest sedan is a big gamble, and that’s not just because it’s a challenger in the big sedan segment. The S90 is the successor to the S80 sedan, which,...

Gallery: Busy in Busan

Busy in Busan

BUSAN (SOUTH KOREA) — What better place to strut your stuff than on home ground? The Busan International Motor Show gives Korea’s car makers the chance to do just that, even as...

Gallery: Sporting chance

Sporting chance

SINGAPORE — The problem with Kia, and perhaps with Korean cars in general, is that driving one makes some people here suspect that you couldn’t afford a Japanese car. Can the...

Gallery: All in Accord

All in Accord

SINGAPORE — Sedans are still the single most popular body type for cars sold in Singapore, accounting for 39 per cent of the market last year. The vast majority of those have to...

BMW tips its hat to the 2002 Turbo

BMW tips its hat to the 2002 Turbo

BMW’s Hommage cars have always been heavily body-kitted — occasionally outlandish — design studies that pay tribute to iconic cars from the Bavarian manufacturer’s past. The...