The record-breaking Callebaut Falls make up a large portion of the 15 tons of chocolate used to put the show togther.
Big on size and detail.
Dream a dream of cakes and candy.
Talk about having your ape and eating it too: Escriba's life size candy-chocolate ape.
Not all monkey business, but always in good taste.
Hello delicious.
European theatre company Comediants bring this surreal world of fantastical confectionery to life.

More than meets the eye

August 22
Pastry show Fantasia By Escriba offers more than edible art
Gallery: Seasons Bistro | 3/5

Seasons Bistro | 3/5

SINGAPORE — Seasons Bistro bills itself as an American bistro, but its Singaporean executive chef Benjamin Fong prefers to keep it light.

Moonstruck melange

Moonstruck melange

Our fascination with the moon goes way back in history. But it’s our preoccupation with a certain Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy that truly takes the proverbial cake.

Quick bites: BK Real Satay Burgers

Quick bites: BK Real Satay Burgers

Singapore — Satisfy your satay cravings with the new BK Real Satay Burgers from Burger King. Juicy and flavourful, the burgers come with a rich peanut sauce and quality meats...

Gallery: ME@OUE | 3/5

ME@OUE | 3/5

SINGAPORE — In theory, the fact that ME@OUE offers three different cuisines by a triumvirate of accomplished chefs is a special thing.