Yakimono - Wagyu Beef with Grilled Bamboo Shoot. Photo: Keyaki
Chef Hiroshi Ishii

Food Review: Keyaki

April 16
This Japanese stalwart’s latest ode to the season’s best is exactly the indulgent meal diners should expect
Dining guide: April 16 to 23

Dining guide: April 16 to 23

GLENFARCLAS WHISKY DINNER AT RAFFLES HOTEL. This one-night-only dinner at the Bar & Billiard Room, with George S. Grant, the ambassador of the award-winning distillery, will...

Mad for matcha in US, as Americans turn to tea

LOS ANGELES — Matcha, the finely ground green tea, is experiencing an American renaissance, with specialty matcha tea bars popping up from Los Angeles to New York and industry...

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Food review: Rabbit Stash

SINGAPORE — Just when you thought new additions to the culinary lexicon couldn’t possibly get any more grandiloquent — who can forget colourful terms such as “bistronomy” and ...

Gallery: Food review: Lollapalooza

Food review: Lollapalooza

SINGAPORE — In many ways, Lollapalooza is a more grown-up version of its very popular sister restaurant Lolla. For starters, its dining room is more brightly lit, so patrons who...

Gallery: Dining guide: April 9 to 15

Dining guide: April 9 to 15

CELEBRATORY LUNCH SPECIALS AT MAJESTIC AND JING. Specially crafted Secretaries’ Week set lunches are offered for the week-long promotion. Highlights from Majestic Restaurant’s...

Music can make your food taste better

Music can make your food taste better

Remember that delicious dinner you had the other night? Apart from the chef’s prowess in the kitchen, perhaps the colour and sounds of the restaurant you were at might also have...