Eat for 24 hours in Singapore

Everyone can appreciate good kway chap.
Nothing like looking professional taking food photos with a My Melody clad iPhone
Kaya Toast at Tong Ah
Boffee! A cuppa invented during colonial days as the Bris supposedly add butter to everything according to Seetoh.
Chicken rice from Tian Tian. Do you like it white or roasted?
Bjorn Shen presents his Bak Chor Mee Sandwich, Lion King style, during the World Street Food Congress
Our Japanese journalist friends ponder how best to describe Hill Street Char Kway Teow
Mee Kuah from Mamu Kitchen at Bedok Corner Food Centre
KF Seetoh rallying the troops. “Don’t fall asleep on me!”
Chilli crabs from Dragon Phoenix.
Immigrants Gastrobar's century egg with chilled tofu
The Ming Zhu Roll from Keng Eng Kee are awesome orbs of deliciousness.
Seetoh and Meng of JB Ah Meng, charging up the late up food scene in Geylang
Look, Ferran Adria joined us at JB Ah Meng for supper
Even at 3am, the queues at Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak are power
Prata anytime, all the time at Thasevi
The wee hours of the morning are a busy time at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market
Fancy a steaming hot laksa at 6am, anyone
Just one of the many exhausted faces after 24 hours of eating
A stop at Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh revives tired spirits
All the nasi padang dishes you can eat at Hajjah Mona
Eat, eat, eat, even after a whole day and night of eating with Makansutra's 24 Hour Street Food Frenzy Safari
Crossing the finish line. The end is in sight.
It’s true, you really can eat around the clock in this city
Published: 4:04 AM, October 24, 2014
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SINGAPORE — When I received the invitation to join Makansutra founder, KF Seetoh, on a 24-Hour Street Food Frenzy Safari, I was intrigued. Billed as a world’s first, it was held to announce the return of the World Street Food Congress (WSFC) next year.

As one greedy, food-obsessed traveller who can eat six meals a day while overseas, I was game.

After all, I once stayed up for 36 hours during my university days making theatre props. I’ve also binged on an entire season’s worth of House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black at a go and survived having a newborn baby. How hard could food-hopping be?

10.30am: Gluttons Bay

Looks like I’m the only Singaporean journo crazy — or greedy — enough to do this. The chirpy Makansutra crew pass me a “survival kit” consisting of Eno salts, Axe Brand Oil, sour plum, kopi sweets and a toothbrush set. I’m told there is a doctor on the coach “just in case” and I have to sign an indemnity form. What did I just get myself into?

11.30am: Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Food Centre

Once on board, Seetoh warms everyone up with promises of a pancake-style fried carrot cake from a place where the white radish cake is still made by hand. Although we don’t know one another, we start bonding over Chey Sua’s super crispy carrot cake. Nothing like food to bring everyone together. Seetoh also introduces us to Jason Huang, a 23-year-old guy taking over his parents’ Come Daily Hokkien Mee stall. The noodles are slippery smooth and deliciously redolent of prawn stock. When Seetoh sees our table gobbling furiously, he reminds us to pace ourselves.

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