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Hay-smoked pork ribs.
The 600g T-bone steak is satisfying enough for two, served with a red wine sauce and choice of two sides.

1395956_Food review: Tin Hill Social
Food review: Tin Hill Social

July 23
Occupying a complex of former stables, Tin Hill Social purveys laidback eats that perfectly suit its location
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Food review: The Fabulous Baker Boy

SINGAPORE — Ensconced in a rare green spot in the heart of the city, this cafe at The Foothills of Fort Canning (opposite Liang Court) has made quite a name for itself, thanks...

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Food review: View to a grill

SINGAPORE — What was once Checkers Brasserie at the Hilton Singapore has been transformed into a posh wood-lined grill restaurant, with everything on the menu treated in some...

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SINGAPORE — The major draw of The Royals Steakhouse is that it dispenses a tight menu of steaks, sides and burgers that adhere scrupulously to Islamic dietary precepts (it...

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Food review: Boca

SINGAPORE — If all you know about Portuguese food is that cheese-laden dish of baked rice, then Boca will surprise and delight in so many ways. Possibly Singapore’s only...

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Food review: Chir Chir

SINGAPORE — SINGAPORE — The bubbling sound of food hitting hot oil can be a beautiful thing. So much so that one Korean restaurant has named itself after that sound. Sure, Chir...

Food review: Neon Pigeon

Food review: Neon Pigeon

SINGAPORE — Last month, modern izakaya Neon Pigeon joined the new wave of eateries that has opened up along Keong Saik Road, and it’s no surprise that it is yet another small...