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Chir Chir Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken.
Chir Chir's Nest Snow.

1262231_Food review: Chir Chir
Food review: Chir Chir

May 21
New Korean fried chicken contender is one of the better ones
Food review: Neon Pigeon

Food review: Neon Pigeon

SINGAPORE — Last month, modern izakaya Neon Pigeon joined the new wave of eateries that has opened up along Keong Saik Road, and it’s no surprise that it is yet another small...

Gallery: Food review: Sushi Jin

Food review: Sushi Jin

SINGAPORE — The elegant Japanese restaurant, Sushi Jin, is owned by the Les Amis Group and hidden away in the plush yet forlorn confines of One Farrer Hotel & Spa, and hardly...

Gallery: Food review: Buttero

Food review: Buttero

SINGAPORE — With a new chef at the helm, Buttero, which means “Tuscan cowboy” in Italian, finally lives up to its name. Chef Antonio Massagli grew up in the Tuscan town of Lucca...

Gallery: Food review: 9Goubuli

Food review: 9Goubuli

SINGAPORE — 9Goubuli is named after a famous Tianjin bun created by someone nicknamed Gouzi (“little dog” in Mandarin). The story goes that once his buns gained popularity,...