Food Reviews

Gallery: Food review: Joo

Food review: Joo

SINGAPORE — You know a bar is serious about its booze when it names itself after the Korean word for “alcohol” and has a range of house-brewed makgeolli or Korean rice wine. Joo...

Gallery: Food review: Xin Yue

Food review: Xin Yue

SINGAPORE — Even after they’ve achieved success by rising through the ranks of a grand hotel or a large restaurant group, many chefs return to that dream of opening that modest...

Gallery: Food review: Joyden Canton Kitchen

Food review: Joyden Canton Kitchen

Singapore — Soya sauce chicken is one of the most basic dishes in the Asian repertoire: Chicken pieces stewed in soya sauce and, depending on the culture, sometimes infused with...

Food review: Sorrel

Food review: Sorrel

SINGAPORE — First came “octaphilosophy”, a word Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang made up to describe his eight-course menus based on themes such as “memory”, “terroir” and “salt”....

Gallery: Food review: Syun

Food review: Syun

SINGAPORE — Let’s be honest, there are only so many celebrity chef-helmed haute cuisine restaurants this city can support. With a domestic market that is far too small to...

Gallery: Food review: Procacci Singapore

Food review: Procacci Singapore

SINGAPORE — If you haven’t gotten your act together and your beloved is expecting, under no uncertain terms, a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, there is hope yet. Earlier this...

Gallery: Food review: Scotts 27

Food review: Scotts 27

SINGAPORE — The latest establishment by well-known chef Julien Bompard and his wife Edith is a reservations-only affair, set in a colonial bungalow along Scotts Road.

Gallery: Food review: Sushi Mieda

Food review: Sushi Mieda

SINGAPORE — Last November, one-Michelin-starred chef Nobumasa Mieda opened his first kaiseki restaurant outside of Japan within the revolving Tong Le Private Dining restaurant...

Gallery: Food review: Takumi Kacyo

Food review: Takumi Kacyo

SINGAPORE — The backgrounder printed in the menu holds promise: Established in 1927, Kacyo in Tokyo’s Shimbashi district is a top-class ryotei — a traditional, fiercely private...

Gallery: Food review: La Taperia

Food review: La Taperia

SINGAPORE — The Les Amis Group is the latest to hop onto the bandwagon with a new tapas bar, La Taperia. Located just above the group’s stretch of restaurants at Shaw Centre, it...