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Cook & Brew's inspired Chili Con Carne Volcano topped with cheddar cheese.
The Sushi Bowl would make a fine one-dish meal if the serving was heartier. Photo: Cook & Brew

Cook & Brew | 3/5

September 25
No modernist pretensions at Westin Singapore’s addition to the gastro-bar scene
Gallery: Noodle Stories | 3.5/5

Noodle Stories | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — Noodle Stories is a casual eatery at Orchard Central from the Tung Lok Group that has taken over the space formerly occupied by its Lao Beijing outlet. While there’s...

Corner House | 3.5/5

Corner House | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — Corner House marks chef Jason Tan’s debut as co-owner of his very own restaurant. And like other artistically inclined chefs before him (hi, Andre Chiang), Tan has...

Gallery: Joyden Seafood Restaurant | 3.5/5

Joyden Seafood Restaurant | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — The name Joyden Seafood may not be familiar, but the restaurant’s location and food are stalwarts of the West Coast area. Formerly known as West Coast Seafood, the...

Gallery: Seasons Bistro | 3/5

Seasons Bistro | 3/5

SINGAPORE — Seasons Bistro bills itself as an American bistro, but its Singaporean executive chef Benjamin Fong prefers to keep it light.

Gallery: Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King – Matsuri | 4/5

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King – Matsuri | 4/5

SINGAPORE — The Republic’s infatuation with Keisuke Takeda’s ramen is still going strong (just look at the queues at his Tonkotsu King and Tori King outlets). So it was only a...

Gallery: ME@OUE | 3/5

ME@OUE | 3/5

SINGAPORE — In theory, the fact that ME@OUE offers three different cuisines by a triumvirate of accomplished chefs is a special thing.

Gallery: Wild Rocket | 4/5

Wild Rocket | 4/5

SINGAPORE — After an eight-month hiatus, Wild Rocket is back. And though chef-owner Willin Low initially closed the restaurant with the intention of relocating it, the stalwart...

Gallery: Pince & Pints | 4/5

Pince & Pints | 4/5

SINGAPORE — In a city where new restaurants and cafes sprout at a rate of two to four a week, a venue that draws a real buzz in its first week of opening is rare indeed.