Giant dinosaur 
statues pop up at Gardens by the Bay

Giant dinosaur 
statues pop up at Gardens by the Bay
11 multi-coloured life-sized dinosaurs sculptures have been installed in Gardens by the bay, as part of the Children's Festival which begins on March 2. Photo: Nuria Ling/TODAY
Sculptures rising as high as 
16m installed in Supertree Grove as part of kids’ event
Published: 6:20 PM, February 28, 2017
Updated: 12:15 PM, March 1, 2017

SINGAPORE — A little slice of prehistory has taken over the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay.

Taking pride of place there is the bright blue sculpture of a Brachiosaurus that stands over 16m high, and weighs around three tonnes.

The Brachiosaurus, along with a 9m-tall red Tyrannosaurus Rex and a 7m-long yellow Triceratops, was installed yesterday. The foam-and-silicone sculptures, with skeletons made of metal, are part of the Children’s Festival, which begins on March 10.

A total of 11 sculptures, all of which are at least 2m high, will be installed in the Gardens for the festival.

Ong Chui Leng, director of programming at Gardens by the Bay, said that “We are always looking at creative ways to bring in new offerings for visitors to the Gardens”, and that the Children’s Festival is becoming an anchor offering for the venue.

“We want to nurture a sense of wonder and fascination about nature,” she added, mentioning that children find dinosaurs intriguing and they are always a sure sell with the little ones. The sculptures, Ong said, will not be stationary. The Tyrannosaurus’ hands and jaws will move, and its eyes can also blink.

The statues were conceptualised and designed by Gardens by the Bay, which worked with local contractors to produce the multicoloured pieces. It is the first time the Gardens has designed life-sized pieces for an event.

“Many kids wonder how it would feel to walk among the dinosaurs,” she said, adding that the exhibition would offer them a sense of standing next to these giant prehistoric creatures.

The last time the Gardens featured a large installation was in 2013. Then, acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn’s floating baby sculpture, Planet — a 10m steel-and-bronze sculpture of Quinn’s son — dominated The Meadow.

Housewife Connie Chow was taking a stroll through the Gardens yesterday with her son, Teoh Sher Yee. The pair came across the dinosaur statues as they were being installed. Sher Yee, aged 3 1/2, was excited to see the giant sculptures.

The dinosaur theme runs throughout the Children’s Festival, which is on until April 2. Visitors will be able to enjoy prehistoric-themed activities, workshops and performances at the event.

Three of the dinosaur sculptures set up yesterday are also fitted with LED lights, and will be lit at night.


The Childrens’ Festival at Gardens by the Bay officially opens on March 10 and ends 
on April 2. For more information,