Are you ready for the opening of Uniqlo's first global flagship store in Southeast Asia on Friday? (Photo: Damien Teo)
A mind-boggling array of tees can be found at the UT corner. (Photo: Damien Teo)
Wooden floors, eye-catching visual merchandising, Uniqlo is going all out to enhance the shopping experience here. (Photo: Damien Teo)
Three levels and 286 screens flashing everything Uniqlo await. (Photo: Serene Lim)
Did you know that Uniqlo Orchard Central has the widest collection of dresses in the Uniqlo world.
U+S and the World is the concept for this global flagship so Uniqlo has a showcase of Singaporean brands in the orchard area on the third level of the store.
Lloyd's Inn is among the 24 Singaporean businesses in Orchard Road district that is featured in Uniqlo's Good Neighbour Guide. (Photo: Serene Lim)
Uniqlo's range of luxe cashmere pieces is only available at its Orchard Central store. (Photo: Serene Lim)
Four Singaporean illustrators have designed shopping bags, which are exclusive to this Uniqlo store.
The cash registers at Uniqlo Orchard Central are waiting for you. (Photo: Damien Teo)
The children's corner has outfits for every occasion. (Photo: Damien Teo)
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2356991_5 things to look forward to at the new Uniqlo Global Flagship store
5 things to look forward to at the new Uniqlo Global Flagship store

August 30
From special shopping bags to its in-store music, this is like no other Uniqlo store in Singapore