Luke Skywalker wonders if he needs to use his lightsaber.
Stefan and his little Star Wars figurines. Yes, even those need approval from Lucasfilm.
Hope you're comfy in there, R2-D2, before you're ready to meet everyone next week.
Princess Leia and her friends have no clue what's coming for them.
Chewy and Darth talk shop while waiting to be fixed.
A model team of builders and Star War celebrities.
Careful now, let's not ruin all that hard work that's gone into this.

6 things to know about Legoland Malaysia’s Star Wars Miniland

August 29
Lego master builder Stefan Bentivoglio reveals more about the upcoming attraction
Volcano tours anyone?

Volcano tours anyone?

LONDON — The stock response to a volcanic eruption is, “get away”. But stock responses don’t apply to Iceland’s largest volcano, Bardarbunga, it seems.