One of the Levi Spirit's villas. Photo: Alvin Chong
Get cosy with warm lingonberry juice in a Kaami, a traditional Finnish earth lodge. Photo: Alvin Chong
Snowmobile rides at sunset can lead to some amazing sights. Photo: Alvin Chong
Sunset in Lapland.
You won’t get lost in the hatch — it only contains water for ice swimming. Photo: Alvin Chong
Sunrise along the River Ounas, just minutes away from the Levi Spirit. Photo: Alvin Chong
Sunrise along the River Ounas, just minutes away from the Levi Spirit. Photo: Alvin Chong
This husky is all ready to go on a sled ride. Photo: Alvin Chong
You don’t have to be a adrenaline junkie to try a husky sled ride. Photos: Alvin Chong
Whatever they fed these dogs, it's working. Photo: Alvin Chong
Reindeer are better than people — and I bet they taste better too. Photo: Juha Werkkala
Ice karting will make you feel like Kimi Raikkonen. Photo: Alvin Chong
The Northern Lights! Kinda. Photo: Alvin Chong
The view of Lapland from Restaurant Tuikku. Photo: Alvin Chong

Lapland and the Northern Lights

April 17
From ice swimming to reindeer snogging, there’s nothing like Finland to complete your bucket list
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