Gallery: Travel gadgets: Size does matter

Travel gadgets: Size does matter

Digital projectors that fit in your pocket. Speakers the size of gingerbread cookies. Virtual keyboards small enough to hang from your key ring.

Meet the travel hoodie

Meet the travel hoodie

LONDON — Hoodies are often seen as your basic casual wear. But if you’ve forgotten to bring your travel pillow and you’re already at the airport, you might want to scout for the...

Heritage sites ‘make you happy’

Heritage sites ‘make you happy’

LONDON — If you want to feel better, go visit a heritage site. At least, that’s what a British study is suggesting.

Gallery: Short, sweet escapes

Short, sweet escapes

We could all do with a quick break — one that’s just a skip and a hop away (and affordable too, thanks to budget airlines). We’re not talking about just popping over to Malaysia...