‘X’ marks the sport

BMW X5 xDrive50i
BMW X5 xDrive50i
The X5 definitely puts the ‘Sport’ in ‘Sports Activity Vehicle’.
BMW’s X5 is a Sports Activity Vehicle that thinks it’s a sports car
Published: 4:02 AM, January 18, 2014
Updated: 8:20 PM, January 19, 2014
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Singapore — Talk about a wolf in elephant’s clothing. With all wheel drive, a tall ride height and rugged, chunky styling, the new BMW X5 looks like something that would laugh at muddy terrain.

But if you drove it deep into the jungle, you probably wouldn’t make it back out, because the X5 xDrive50i drives like a sports car on stilts.

Much of that is down to its turbocharged V8 engine, which propels more than 2.2 tonnes of X5 with breath-taking ease, the way Thor makes that hefty hammer of his seem like a toy.

Rolling Thunder

The V8 rumbles like distant thunder and is one of those rare engines that make you turn the sound system down so you can hear more of it.

Around corners, the X5 uses clever tech to help it stay on track — for instance, its transmission can divert engine power to the car’s left wheels to sharpen right turns, and vice versa.

The result is a car that could trouble a proper sports coupe through a twisty road, at least up to a point. Though its xDrive all wheel drive system gives it plenty of traction for exiting corners, it doesn’t really help the X5 dive into them, so eventually the car’s weight makes itself felt.

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