Ms Tamae Iwasaki, 43, an arts educator at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) and her husband Eitaro Ogawa, 42, a fine art printer at the STPI. Photo: Illyin Anuwar/TODAY
A family portrait by Hong Kong artist and friend Wilson Shieh greets visitors at their Bukit Panjang HDB flat. Photo: Illiyin Anuwar/TODAY
The flag of Singapore is draped under the window of their 4th floor flat. Photo: Illyin Anuwar/TODAY
An old bookshelf was dismantled and made into shelves in the kitchen. Photo: Illiyin Anuwar/TODAY
The Japanese couple allows their children to freely scribble and draw on the walls of the HDB flat. They one day plan to paint over them, but it's not any time soon. Photo: Illiyin Anuwar/TODAY
Postcard-sized artworks from an exhibition called Pameran Poskad — organised by the couple and other artists — line the walls of their abode. Insect exhibit cases, purchased from different parts of the world, are also displayed. Photo: Illyin Anuwar/TODAY
A work desk sits behind an open window, surrounded by family mementos. Photo: Illiyin Anuwar/TODAY
The book, titled HDB: Homes of Singapore, will contain around 1,500 photos of 118 flats shot over three years. Photo: Illyin Anuwar/TODAY
A carpenter's three-room HDB flat, taken in June 2016, at North Bridge Road. Photo: Tomohisa Miyauchi
A photographer's HDB flat, taken in May 2013, at Marine Crescent. Photo: Tomohisa Miyauchi

2435626_HDB reawakened: Japanese duo lends new perspective on S’pore homes
HDB reawakened: Japanese duo lends new perspective on S’pore homes

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Public housing flats a ‘hidden treasure’ in visual project chronicling 118 units across three years
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