Gallery: What the world has learnt from Mr Lee

What the world has learnt from Mr Lee

SINGAPORE — Commentary writers from around the world have penned tributes for Mr Lee Kuan Yew, covering a range of topics including Mr Lee’s unique style of leadership,...

Failing health in his final years

Failing health in his final years

As Mr Lee Kuan Yew retreated more and more from the public eye, speculation about his health at times became rife on social media and around water-coolers, to the extent it even...

Overseas S'poreans pay tribute from afar

Overseas S’poreans pay tribute from afar

They live in all corners of the globe, from neighbouring South-east Asian countries, China and Hong Kong, to the deserts of the Middle East. Over the past few days, the...

S'poreans on why the fleeting minutes spent with Mr Lee's casket are worth the wait

Faces in the crowd

For the past three days, wave after wave of Singaporeans turned up at Parliament House to pay respects to founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, undaunted by hours of waiting in...