What are your best memories about Singapore and what makes it truly home to you?

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The best entries will be featured on TODAY newspaper and also stand to win a pair of tickets to the National Day Parade on August 9. There will also be funpacks given away as consolation prizes!

Lawrence Tan Kok Keng
Lim Lian Heng
Kow Siew Kuen
Belinda Tan
Muthhukumar Palaniyapan
Muthhukumar Palaniyapan
As time passes, the family tree branches and roots to Singapore deepen.

Singapore was merely a secure place, amidst a tumultuous world,for my bank officer Grandfather to root his young family from India in the 1940s. It was later an embracing new home for my father, whose identity was shaped by uniquely Singaporean experiences such as HDB dwelling and National Service in the 1970s. As a young third generation Singaporean, born in the 1990s, Singapore is now part of me, anchored by gratitude and solidarity.

My- Singaporean- story further unfolds ...
Leong Tung Seng
When I came to Singapore in January 2008, I first studied in Northlight School, Studied in ITE College East from 2011 till 2012. Now I'm studying in Temasek Polytechnic Singapore. I travelled to Singapore city, Macritchie reservoir and bedok reservoir parks. I started to live in Tampines in 2008. I was a S'pore Permanent resident from 2008 till 4 July 2010. Became Singaporean on 5 July 2010. Singapore is a beautiful, vibrant and a urban garden city island. Singapore provided great education for me to progress further. This country has an efficient public transport system.
Lee CS
Sim Bao Jie, Louis
Gavin Wang Guoyin