Budget 2016 ‘a way to build on Mr Lee’s legacy’

Published: 4:15 AM, March 28, 2016

Singapore — Budget 2016, unveiled on Thursday, is one way of building a better future based on Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s foundations, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said yesterday.

Innovativeness and a creative mindset are key to delivering on this year’s Budget and shaping it as one that will fit Singapore for the future, he added.

“It’s a good Budget focused on transforming the Singapore economy. Transforming means an agent for change. The Budget contains many programmes, which will serve as agents for change into a better economy,” he said.

What Mr Lee would have liked about this Budget, said Mr Goh, is the way it reflects the Republic’s ability to constantly adapt. “That means we don’t just stay put based on the past world. We’re always changing because the world changes every day.

“So we should either defy the trends, or change according to the trends, anticipate, stay ahead of challenges.” KELLY NG