If you’ve ever thought of having a ‘Mini Me’ of yourself ...

Figurines can be collected in three to four months. Photo: Uu
A handheld camera is used to capture a detailed 3D image. Photo: Uu
Data is analysed and calibrated in Japan to ensure the figurine turns out true to the scan. Photo: Uu
A handheld camera is used to capture a detailed 3D image. Photo: Uu
Kinetic Singapore introduces Japan 3D printing technology that enables customers to create 3D custom figurines at pop-up store
Published: 2:30 PM, September 30, 2013
Updated: 5:10 AM, October 1, 2013

SINGAPORE — Fancy a mini me? If you’ve always wanted a custom three-dimensional replica figurine of yourself, thanks to state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing technology, now you can, for S$850 and up.

At the pop-up Uu 3D studio (Big U, small u, get it?) — a collaboration between creative agency Kinectic Singapore, Japanese imaging studio Mikanbako and venue sponsor Scotts Square — customers will be scanned with a handheld scanner by professionals from Mikanbako in a process that takes just under half an hour.

This collated data will then be sent to Mikanbako’s lab in Japan to be processed and printed, with the figurine taking shape layer by layer. Customers will receive their figurines three months after the scan.

You can choose from three sizes — small (15cm, $850), medium (20cm, S$1,000) or large (25cm, S$1,500).

“There’s nothing quite as surreal as looking at a lifelike figurine of yourself or someone you love. Every fold on a shirt or dress on a figurine immortalises the person in that particular space and time,” said Kinetic Singapore co-founder Pann Lim.

“The future of 3D printing is definitely in capturing and recording memories — imagine taking yearly 3D family portraits instead of photographs,” said Mr Wataru Hida, CEO of Mikanbako.

If you want a miniature version of yourself, hurry. The Uu 3D studio (Scotts Square, #01-06/07) is only open until this Sunday (Oct 6).