Improper bulky waste disposal causing fires here

Improper bulky waste disposal causing fires here
Photo: Channel NewsAsia
16 cases of such fires in just two weeks, says SCDF
Published: 7:51 AM, January 19, 2014
Updated: 1:00 PM, January 20, 2014

SINGAPORE — Over the past two weeks, the Singapore Civil Defence Force has been alerted to 16 cases of fire caused by improper disposal of bulky items.

With Lunar New Year just around the corner, many families are spring cleaning, including disposing of their old furniture.

However, the improper disposal of these items has created fire hazards.

There are designated areas at void decks for the disposal of bulky items, and town councils also provide services to remove up to three bulky items per household each month.

But these may not be sufficient, especially during the festive season.

The Tampines Town Council has already issued some 50 warning letters to residents who still do not dispose of bulky items properly.

Further efforts are being planned to deal with the issue.

Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tampines GRC, said: “We do note that during festive periods - Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year - there is a bigger demand. So we will look out for that. In fact, for example Chinese New Year’s eve, we also note that some families do last-minute spring cleaning and they will throw their stuff on the night itself, so we will arrange for workers to work over-time - to work one round at night to make sure that the areas are cleared.” CHANNEL NEWASIA