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All geared up for the working world

All geared up for the working world
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Loke Pei Shan, 22, has gained skills that are relevant to jobs in different sectors, thanks to her degree from TUM Asia
Published: 7:00 AM, September 13, 2017
Updated: 7:00 AM, September 13, 2017

While searching for a university to further her studies in chemical engineering, Loke Pei Shan was attracted to the Technical University of Munich (TUM). 

“It is one of Europe’s top universities, and Germany is known for its expertise in the field of engineering,” she said.

Having graduated two months ago, the 22-year-old tells us about her time at TUM Asia and what she’s doing now.

What is it like studying at TUM Asia?

The university flies in faculty members from Germany to teach various modules that they specialise in. Lab courses are kept small in order to facilitate a better hands-on learning experience. 

Chemical engineering graduates are expected to apply for jobs in the energy and chemicals industry. How does this degree open your career options?

TUM Asia’s degree, offered in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology, equips me with skills that allow me to venture into other professions such as a laboratory technician or project engineer.

We are taught chemistry, mathematics and engineering modules. The theoretical knowledge and laboratory experience give us the fundamentals to go into research or specialised jobs in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Having strong mathematical knowledge and the ability to critically analyse data also lets us pursue careers in the business or banking industries. 

Tell us more about your job as an executive.

My role is to help increase job productivity in the chemical industry. While it is administrative-based, my chemical engineering background and understanding of terminology help me to perform my tasks effectively.

This article is published in the Sept 2017 issue of The First Degree, a publication of TODAY, Mediacorp Press.

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