Students involved in classroom brawl being counselled, says school

Students involved in classroom brawl being counselled, says school
A man seen “doing nothing” to stop a fight in St Hilda’s Secondary School is “an intern with an external agency” without the “authority” or “training” to deal with such situations, said the school on Thursday (Sept 14). Photos: Facebook
Published: 3:16 PM, September 14, 2017
Updated: 10:41 PM, September 14, 2017

SINGAPORE — St Hilda’s Secondary School is counselling and disciplining the students involved in a fight in class, its vice-principal said, in response to the incident which caused a stir among online users.

On Thursday (Sept 14) morning, a video clip of the fight among three students was widely circulated. It showed a man who appeared to have done nothing to stop the brawl, and this prompted an outcry from those who watched it, as they thought the man was a teacher. 

In a statement issued on Thursday, the school said that the man is “an intern with an external agency” without the authority or training to deal with such situations.

The video showed two teenage boys entering a classroom full of students to confront another boy, knocking over his desk in the process. 

One of the two teenagers then held the third boy in a headlock, while the other hurled obscenities at him. 

The boy tried to retaliate with a punch, before all three started punching and kicking each other. 

Later, a man was seen peering into the classroom and standing by the door, looking at what was going on. Eventually, another student stepped in and intervened.

Responding to TODAY’s queries, Ms Tan Yee Leng, vice-principal of the school, said that the fight took place on Monday. 

As for the man in the video, she said: “An intern with an external agency chanced upon the incident when walking along the corridor, and had called out to the students to stop the fight, but they did not heed him.”

She added that since the man is not a teacher with the school, he “would not have the training or authority to manage the situation”.

Apart from counselling the students involved and taking “appropriate disciplinary measures”, the school is also working with the parents to help the boys “learn from the incident”, Ms Tan said.

“We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and we are confident that our teachers will be able to manage and correct inappropriate behaviour.”