Pimp who forced teen to have sex with 100 customers convicted

Published: 4:02 AM, September 21, 2013
Updated: 10:40 PM, September 22, 2013
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SINGAPORE — A pimp who forced a teenage girl in debt to have sex with some 100 customers was convicted on four of his charges yesterday, in the third underage vice ring uncovered here.

Tang Huisheng, 37, had earlier claimed trial but, on the day his case was scheduled to be heard, the China national pleaded guilty to bringing the 17-year-old — also from China — into Singapore for prostitution, living on her earnings, harbouring her and abetting paid sex with her.

Apart from the last charge, which carries a maximum punishment of seven years in jail and a fine, Tang can be jailed up to five years and fined S$10,000 on each of the other three charges.

Two other charges of harbouring her and managing a place of assignation will be taken into consideration for sentencing.

It emerged yesterday that the girl had served some 100 clients on about 150 occasions in only two weeks.

So far, 24 men have been hauled to court for paying for sex with the girl and 13 have been jailed between 11 and 12 weeks each.

More are set to be charged.

Between May 18 and June 1 this year, Tang collected about S$9,000 from the girl in prostitution earnings, the court heard. He used the money to pay for rental and other expenses, as well as to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands casino.

The “really heartbreaking” story — in the words of a district judge — of how the minor from Shandong, China, was duped with a non-existent casino job in Macau and forced into prostitution here by Tang was revealed in court last week.

Saddled with a 100,000 yuan (S$20,500) debt her late father had incurred from cancer treatment, the girl was told by Tang’s sister that she could solicit “VIP customers” for the casino, for a 1 per cent commission.

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