Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launches in Singapore

Mr Aesel James, 27, (left) and Mr Gedeon Goh, 30 were the first two in line for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at SingTel's launch event. Photo: Mysara Aljaru
SingTel customers getting their Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Photo: Mysara Aljaru
The first 10 customers in the queue for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at SingTel's launch event get their moment in the spotlight. Photo: Mysara Aljaru
Buyers cite large display as key selling point of Samsung’s new phablet
Published: 9:15 AM, September 27, 2013
Updated: 4:00 AM, September 28, 2013
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SINGAPORE — Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, billed as one of the first next generation 4G handsets, was launched here today (Sept 27) as buyers made their way to launch events held by Singapore’s three telcos.

At SingTel’s launch at the Marina Bay Sands, about 200 customers arrived before the 8am launch. SingTel said they expected about 600 people to show up for the event, and started allowing customers into the hall at about 7.10am.

M1 and StarHub also launched the Galaxy Note 3 today, with M1 holding their event at the same time. StarHub started their programme at 9am.

NETS system executive Aesel James was first in line at SingTel’s event at 4.30am.

“This is my first time going to a launch of a phone,” said Mr James, 27. “My work starts at 9, so I wanted to be early to get to work soon.

“I’m really excited about the big size, the display and the features of the Note 3. It is great for viewing and downloading but I just hope that the battery can sustain for long.”`

Behind Mr James at SingTel’s event was tour guide Gedeon Goh, 30, who is giving up on his iPhone and moving to the Android operating system.

“I’ve been using iPhone for 5 years and I want to challenge myself,” said Mr Goh, who joined the queue at 6am. “A lot of my friends have been having fun with their other phones as well.”

Unlike previous handset launches by SingTel, customers had to register their interest online before they were guaranteed a phone at the launch, and those in queue had their new phones in hand within 15 minutes of the opening.

The Galaxy Note 3 has the capacity to support 4G services with speeds of up to 150 Mbps. SingTel is currently the only mobile operator in South-east Asia to offer this speed.

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