Teletext to end service this month

Teletext to end service this month
Teletext will be ending its servce Sept 30. Photo: MediaCorp
Analogue information service to end Sept 30
Published: 5:27 PM, September 3, 2013
Updated: 8:30 AM, September 4, 2013

Singapore — Teletext, an analogue information service provided by MediaCorp, will be discontinued from Sept 30 due to “declining usage”, said MediaCorp.

“Given the antiquated technology, the availability of alternative sites for information and the declining usage of Teletext, we have decided to discontinue the service and channel resources to newer services to better serve our customers and reach a wider audience,” said Mr Philip Koh, Managing Director for Convergent Media, MediaCorp.

Teletext provides general information on news, stock prices, airport, weather and other text-based information.

Over the years, technological advancements have enabled information to be readily accessible online, via mobile devices as well as connected television and outdoor screens, said a MediaCorp statement. These newer digital platforms have seen growth in usage, while the number of users of the non-interactive Teletext service has declined over the years. CHANNEL NEWSASIA