Walking among wetlands and giants

The Learning Forest offers plenty of flora and fauna for nature lovers
Friday, 31 March 2017

Singapore Botanic Gardens’ new Learning Forest houses more than 700 plant species and more than 200 species of fauna.

SINGAPORE — The Learning Forest is located in the new Tyersall-Gallop Core of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Designed to integrate with the existing 6ha primary forest of the gardens, it gives visitors more areas to explore through boardwalks and elevated walkways. Nature-lovers will get to see plenty of flora and fauna, including a collection of wild fruit trees that are relatives of species from the soursop, jackfruit, lychee and mango families. Visitors may also get to see and feel the different textures and colours of tree barks, or learn about forest plants cultivated for human uses, such as for building materials and food.