Ugly moments in Kedah for LionsXII fans

Ugly moments in Kedah for LionsXII fans
Photo: Khairil Ajhar Jaafar
Published: 10:31 PM, September 22, 2013
Updated: 2:45 PM, March 21, 2016
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ALOR SETAR - The LionsXII may have caused much jubilation among their travelling support after they defeated Kedah 3-1 last night (Sept 21) to advance into the quarter-finals of the Malaysia Cup. But the fans’ mood was subsequently soured by some Kedah supporters after the match.

A group of unruly Kedah fans tried to pick a fight with them as they made their way to their two buses for the journey back to their hotels.

That is not all. One of the two buses had the word "PORK" sprayed in red on its side.

The Singapore fans who were travelling under the Die Hard Fan group, organised by veteran tour operator Akhbar Hashim , had 75 people in all.

"We were walking back to the buses after the match which was parked about 100 metres away from the stadium. The Police who were on duty told us it was safe to walk to the buses. So we complied,” said Akhbar.

"But the area where the buses were parked was quite dark as all the temporary stall holders nearby had swtiched off their lights.

“As we were crossing a drain to board the buses, a group of about 10 to 15 Kedah fans started using abusive language on us and then one of them pushed an elderly couple.

"Their son came to the mother's rescue and he was kicked in the shin. We rushed to help but we did not fight back.

“We had to defend ourselves and we quickly got into the bus.”

The group later drove to the Alor Setar Police station nearby to lodge a police report.

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