Gerald wanted to evoke a sense of fairy tale wonder by going close and making the sandcastle look life-sized. PHOTO: Gerald Kang
This is a shot of a food outlet LED sign in Chinatown. Gerald put the camera on a slow shutter speed and zoomed in while pressing the shutter release button. PHOTO: Gerald Kang
The rotating LCD screen of the 700D made it possible for Gerald to compose this shot, taken at Chinatown on the eve of Chinese New Year, while holding the camera high above his head. PHOTO: Gerald Kang
Canon EOS 700D adv 2014: Gerald Kang and the Canon EOS 700D camera. TODAY Photo by KOH MUI FONG. MF210314. **[KEYWORDS: Speical Project; Singapore; Canon; EOS 700D; Camera; Profile; Advertorial; 2014]

Different strokes

April 17
Gerald Kang, 17, seeks new ways to compose his shots with the Canon EOS 700D
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