Scientists create self-powering camera

Scientists create self-powering camera

NEW YORK — Scientists at Columbia University in New York have successfully built a camera that is capable of producing images using power harvested from the surrounding incident...

Perfectly light

Perfectly light

SINGAPORE — It has been a good year for Nikon so far. Practically every DSLR it has released this year, including the D4S, D810 and D3300, has received strong reviews and the...

Nikon D810: Probably the best DSLR ever

Nikon D810: Probably the best DSLR ever

SINGAPORE — The Nikon D810 is seriously good. So good that it might be the best DSLR available on the market today — even better than Nikon’s own flagship professional-grade...

Gallery: Different strokes

Different strokes

Photography is the perfect art form for a not-so-artistic person like me to tell stories and convey messages.

Gallery: Colour therapy

Colour therapy

Maryanto’s interest in photography only began after his pre-wedding photo shoot in July last year. Three months later, the 28-year-old engineer bought his first DSLR camera, the...

Gallery: Trusty companion

Trusty companion

My passion for photography was ignited by the Canon EOS 700D, my first DSLR. It’s a camera of exceptional quality. The user interface is simple, and makes capturing shots quick...